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We Love Letterpress

Here at Evolution Press, we’re passionate about one thing – helping your design reach its fullest potential. With six Heidelberg presses and services including traditional letterpress, embossing, foiling, die-cutting and creasing, our highly skilled team will work with you to make your piece everything you hoped it would be. Crisp. Colorful. Tactile. Unforgettable. And we’ll love every minute of it.

Print Ink

There’s nothing like traditional letterpress to give your work a tactile, hand-crafted edge. Going to press is like – well, imagine the sharp smell of ink. The sound of the press striking paper. This is the print ink experience your art has been waiting for. By combining impression with vivid color, even a simple design yields stunning results.


Impression + fiber = dramatic results. Embossing offers several ways to perfectly impress your particular image. Maybe your work requires a single-level emboss, or maybe it takes a sculptural emboss to really make your image look its best. If your image is the same color as your paper, we can do a blind emboss on a blank sheet. Register emboss involves printing your image and then embossing it on the next pass.


With debossing, heavier, textured paper delivers the best results and allows us to really nuance your piece. We can create a subtle or deep impression, add a little transparent white ink to the plate for more shadow and an enhanced impression – we could go on and on. Either copper or photopolymer plates work well with this process.


When you’re designing with colored paper, foil stamping offers the truest color-on-color printing. We offer a broad array of vibrant pigments and metallic colors to create that just-right hue for your design. Using foil leaf, we add a light impression to your design with pre-heated, copper-etched plates.

Die Cut

No cookie cutters here – our precision in-house die-cutting will give your project the curves it deserves. Steel-rule die-cutting is done right here in the shop, using our versatile, original Heidelberg presses. For you, that means fewer vendors to deal with and more control over your project.

And More!

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