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Offset Lithography
All Hail Offset

Our Heidelberg Offset machine is a big, burly thing of beauty – and precisely the right tool for those designs that don’t require letterpress. This gentle giant creates the clean, saturated color coverage that makes intricate designs pop and one-sided floods look rich and pure. Not to show off (ahem), but we specialize in running spot-color floods with tight reverses on specialty papers up to 179# (that’s heav-y).

Combination Work

Want a burst of color? Want a burst of color plus the deliciously dimensional, tactile qualities of letterpress? You’ve come to the right place. We’ll happily combine offset with traditional print to give you – how shall we put this – supreme visual blessedness. The print equivalent of a flavor explosion.


Cyan, magenta, yellow and black are the building blocks of offset printing – and we use them to create every color under the sun. What’s more, we can use them to set your work apart from the all-glossy-all-the-time crowd. Offset printing can give your image vibrant, beautifully saturated color even on more traditional-looking, uncoated stocks.

Spot Color

Experience has taught us that when you run spot color, the spec paper is rarely the same as the paper your pantone color swatch is printed on. Not to worry. On request, our offset department will mix a custom ink drawdown to precisely match your pantone swatch.

Dry Varnish

Much as we love it, large coverage ink tends to rub a bit. (Think of a stack of business cards, with the back color rubbing onto the front of the next card.) To tackle this, we recommend a separate pass of our crystal quick varnish over the color. Its magical properties create a barrier over the ink and significantly reduce rub issues.


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